About Us

Scorching summers and frosty winters make the perfect olive. They are the exact conditions we experience seasonally at Nunyara, near Inglewood on Queensland’s southern downs. It’s the State’s prime olive growing region for a reason. The right balance of sun, water, aridity and temperature all contribute to the special flavours of our olives. Lake Coolmunda irrigates our crop and gives its name to our products. 

The climate, so typically Mediterranean, allows us to experiment with different types of olives. We’ve planted Spanish Arbequinas and Manzanillos; Greek Kalamatas and Volos; Cypriate Koronieki; and North African Barouni. All have unique flavour traits and all thrive in our Australian soil. We’re just a three-hour drive from Brisbane, so a trip to Coolmunda Olives should be part of any weekend in the west‚ itinerary. With so many flavours to try, drop by for a tasting next time you’re in town.