Farmers Picks

1ST PICK : Smoked Olives

The aim of the smoked olive is to enhance the flavour, bringing it to the forefront of the palate - a balanced rather than overpowering delight. Coolmunda is the only grove in Qld creating these intense flavoured olives which are perfect for cooking particularly pasta and pizza (recipe below) 

Chicken & Olive Bake

Place some Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the base of an oven proof dish and add 500g of either chicken breast or thighs. Add 300g grams of smoked olives, place the lid on and put in the oven for 40mins on 160-180 degrees.

After 40 minutes give everything a stir and add a splash of red cider vinegar, 400g of cherry tomatoes, some basil salt and pepper. Place back in the oven for another 20-30 minutes and serve with salad, warmed bread and/or pasta.

300g $8.00 500g pitted $18.00



2ND PICK : The Picual (Olea europaea)  

This is our first season with this olive and we have loved the results. This is one of the most commonly grown olives for oil with its main production and origin centred in the Spanish Province of Jaen. 

Perfect to combine in a typical ‘antipasto’ with cured meats, artichoke hearts and various cheeses. This is a firm olive with a gentle flavour.

200g jar $5.00 5kg Bucket $65.00