Why Organic?

Coolmunda is the only grove in the State to have Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accreditation for our environmentally sustainable growing practices. We hand-pick the very best olives and then ferment them in natural brine, without preservatives or other additives. Then, they are ready for bottling and labelling all done by hand. The fruit not destined for the table becomes premium quality extra virgin olive oil. Staying true to our maxim, Coolmunda Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a cold first-press only, which preserves the natural flavours and goodness of the oil. Heating and repressing the pulp may deliver greater yield, but at the cost of the oil’s taste and nutritional content. Instead, our leftover pulp becomes cattle feed and organic fertiliser for our plantation – all part of the olive’s natural cycle of life. All the processing takes place in our own solar-powered plant, set amidst 100 acres of native forest, a natural reserve for local wildlife. At Coolmunda Olives, we try to tread softly.